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Troy Chronic Pain Physical Therapy Bloomfield Hills Michigan

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Chronic Pain Therapy in Bloomfield Hills/Troy MI

Physical therapists design exercise and treatments to decrease your pain. As musculoskeletal specialists, PTs work with you to overcome sports injury or symptoms.

Manual therapy, exercise, and modalities help you get off the pain killers. Physiotherapists heal tissue, improve mobility, and increase your functional movement.

It's time to see a professional.

Chronic Pain Relief

If you have prolong aches that limit your movement or keep you from working, living, and other activities, a chronic pain physical therapist can help. 

First you need an accurate diagnosis. It's crucial to feeling better. And pain experts take the time to figure it out.

Every visit you see a physical therapist AND the same one. Guaranteed.

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Causes of Chronic Pain 

Causes of chronic pain are diverse and can include muscle, joint, and/or nerve dysfunction and emotional attachment.

While any condition can lead to persistent pain, there are certain medical conditions more likely to see a doctor and schedule physical rehabilitation:

  • Widespread Pain Syndrome 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
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Did You Know? 

Research has shown that pain is output from the brain and does not originate within the tissues of our body. Understanding pain through education may reduce your need for care. 

With treatment, the effects of long-term pain can be reduced.

Caring Treatment You Can Trust

Our philosophy is to be the best in rehabilitation so you can get better, faster. We practice with a hands-on approach that plays a significant role in your recovery process.

Start healing in 3-5 sessions. Call now for a personalized consultation– 248-309-8900.

What are the common signs of chronic pain? 

The most signs of chronic pain are increased agitation or resistance to movement, increased breathing and shortness of breath, and strained facial expressions.  

When does pain become chronic?  

If you experience pain for three months or more, you will be diagnosed with chronic pain. Make sure you are honest with the healthcare expert for a correct diagnosis. 

Is acute and chronic pain the same thing?


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Elizabeth P.

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