Cranbrook Physical Therapy is a boutique Physical Therapy clinic with Physical Therapists (Anne Tafelski OMPT, Elizabeth Chomic MSPT, Emily Kauhn OMPT and Mark Heitchue MPT) that are  specialized and certified in manual therapy – – a hands on therapeutic approach that includes soft tissue massage, gentle joint mobilization, traction,  mechanical re alignment,  core stabilization and strengthening.  A full and extensive mechanical evaluation is done for every patient and then a treatment plan and home program is established.  Our clinic is conveniently located on Big Beaver just east of Woodward in Bloomfield Hills.  We are easily accessible from Birmingham and Troy.

At Cranbrook Physical Therapy our main goal is to eliminate pain and return patients to full activity level as soon as possible.  Often, musculoskeletal injuries take too long to get better because they are addressed as if a few exercises will treat or fix the problem.  At our Bloomfield Hills clinic the physical therapists have advanced training in correcting the mechanical problems associated with pain and loss of function that will not get better by simply doing a few exercises.  After injury or surgery the involved area needs to have normal mechanics restored in the soft tissue, connective tissue and joints through hands on treatment such as gently and carefully mobilizing the soft tissue and decompressing, stretching or unweighting the joint.

Along with manual therapy our clinic uses the most cutting edge technology such as light and laser therapy, hot and/or cold multi frequency electrical stimulation and ultrasound to quickly diminish and accelerate healing of muscle spasm, joint pain and nerve pain.  All of these treatments combined with a carefully designed exercise program have proven to yield superior results for our patients.

Our physical therapists and physical therapy assistants have advanced training in correcting mechanical and muscular issues associated with pain and loss of function.  Where many physical therapy clinics put patients through a standard protocol regardless of their injury or personal complications, our team devises a customized, thoughtful treatment plan for every patient.  For those who have been to physical therapy before you will notice a difference in our approach almost immediately.

Many physical therapy clinics rotate therapists so the patients need to waste valuable time explaining their case to a different therapist before every visit.  At Cranbrook Physical Therapy patients are treated by the same therapist every visit who knows their case and can gauge the progress and try new approaches where necessary.

Our clinic is located at 60 W. Big Beaver Rd. Suite 125 in Bloomfield Hills.  We are just east of Woodward on Big Beaver in a single story medical building with ample, free parking right next to our entrance.

Call today to set up your evaluation. Our telephone number is 248-309-8900. Our fax number is 248-550-0147

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