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Hand Therapy in Bloomfield Hills  

Are you having trouble with your hands, or have you had wrist surgery and recovering? Our hands enable us to grasp, touch, move and manipulate objects.

Most of our day-to-day activities revolve around using our hands, thumb and fingers.

Choose a certified hand therapist to get better faster.  

Restore Your Wrist Function 

Whatever soreness you are experiencing, you need an accurate diagnosis. It's crucial to feeling better. And we take the time to figure it out. That's why our success rate is so high.

We pay close attention to your specific surgery and work with your surgeon to create an effective treatment plan.  

Every visit you see a hand physical therapist AND the same one. Guaranteed. 

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To Stop Your Pain

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Hand Therapy Specialists

Therapists aim to lessen pain and help you regain average wrist mobility, thumb, and finger functionality. We've successfully treated all kinds of hand conditions and injuries: 

  • Sprains, dislocations, and palm fractures
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Surgical joint replacement
  • Repetitive strain disorder
  • Arthritis or tenosynovitis
  • Tendon repair
  • Nerve pain 
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Rehabilitation Treatments 

Edema Control 

Depending on the patients' condition, we may use external compression garments and wraps, retrograde massage, elevation, and active motion. 

Scar Treatment 

We use frictional massage, silicone putty, sleeves, and taping for scar treatment. 

Pain Control 

We use fluid therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, desensitization, mirror therapy, and guided imagery to manage pain. 


We help our clients regain their strength by using putty of different firmness, weights, grippers, and TheraBands. 


Active exercises involve hand and finger exercises where the patient uses their muscle strength. Passive exercises involve both the therapist and the patient pushing a stiff joint to move without the patient using their muscles. 

Caring Treatment You Can Trust

Our Certified Hand Therapist will evaluate your situation, consult with your physician and develop a custom treatment program. 

We educate our patients on techniques to help avoid future hand injury or problems.

Start healing in 3-5 sessions. Call now for a personalized consultation– 248-309-8900. 

What is hand therapy? 

Hand therapy is a type of rehabilitation performed by an occupational or physical therapist for patients that have conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. The therapy uses physical methods like exercise, splinting, and wound care. 

How long will I be in therapy?  

Your condition will determine how long therapy will take. Some of our patients require only a few visits, while others may take up to six months of therapy. We will evaluate your condition on your first visit and put you on a specific program. 

Is therapy painful? 

Some conditions are more painful than others. Our therapists work within your tolerance to achieve a maximum return to function. We strongly encourage our patients to engage in open discussions with us concerning pain, levels of discomfort, or treatment. 

Will I need home exercises? 

Depending on your medical condition, we may give you a customized regimen of exercises to perform every day outside of treatment. For therapy to be successful, you need to engage your hands frequently. We will discuss this portion of treatment at length once you come for your first visit.

How long are consultations? 

The length of consultations depends on the complexity of your problem. The standard time for consultations is between 30 to 45 minutes. 

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