Located in Bloomfield Hills on Big Beaver just east of Woodward, offering physical therapy for patients living and working in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Bingham Farms, Troy and more.

Our clinic is a “boutique PT clinic”. We are the opposite of the new trend in physical therapy which pushes a corporate, factory like mentality where all patients receive very similar treatment plans.  This is contrary to our core belief that every patient has a unique mechanical problem that needs to be addressed.  We have designed our clinic to allow patients to be thoroughly and scientifically evaluated using state of the art equipment but the most important aspect of treatment begins with the assessment by the physical therapist.  For example, many patients come in with pain in their shoulder, knee or ankle but through careful assessment it is determined that their core problem is in the neck or back.  Only experienced, skilled therapists will make these determinations.  At many of todays factory like clinics the patient would receive a few months of standard treatment on the knee, ankle or shoulder and be sent on their way never realizing what the true problem is.

All patients are seen at every visit by a certified physical therapist with specialized certifications in manual medicine. Our boutique nature focuses on quality hands on time, opposite from the get-them-in-and-get-them-out mentality of so many other clinics.

We make recovery a collaborative effort between patient and physical therapist by creating a tailored rehabilitation plan and exercise regimen based on the individual needs of each client.  Within our clinic the patients will be treated using the best equipment including Cardon Hi-Low adjustable treatment tables, laser light therapy, hot/cold multi-frequency electrical stimulation, state of the art ultrasound and targeted exercise therapy in our gym area including use of Core Stix designed by the Pittsburgh Penguins training staff.

Our clinic has been designed to efficiently treat the patient while providing a calm, comfortable setting for them to focus on pain relief and functional gains.  It is easy to get in, receive your treatment and get on with your day.  We make great efforts to keep appointments on time and predictable.  Many of our clients are successful and busy people and we respect their time.

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