Our Mentality

We identify and fix mechanical problems.  Our philosophy is to quickly eliminate pain and symptoms following an injury or surgery by restoring normal biomechanics through manual therapy.  This allows patients to return to normal function without pain as soon as possible.  Simply put, if an injury does not resolve within a couple of days there is usually an underlying mechanical problem that must be dealt with through physical therapy.  Usually, musculoskeletal injuries  do not resolve from doing Yoga, stretches or exercise alone.  Until the underlying mechanical problem is corrected the patient will continue to have symptoms and lack of full range of motion making them vulnerable to further and worse injury.

Although the list of orthopedic injuries we treat is extensive we specialize in treating patients with:

  • back pain and neck pain
  • herniated discs and bulging spinal discs
  • scoliosis and stenosis
  • frozen shoulders
  • rotator cuff injuries and post operative repairs
  • sprains and strains resulting in elbow, ankle and knee pain
  • post-op ACL and meniscal repairs
  • joint replacement surgeries
  • repetitive stress injuries
  • sport injuries
  • golf injuries
  • workman comp and auto injuries

Although exercise alone is not the sole solution to these problems it is an important part of what we do as manual therapists.  First, we calm the pain symptoms.  Then we use manual therapy to correct the mechanics of the injured area.  Lastly, exercise is used to strengthen the area surrounding the affected area so that core stabilization exists to avoid future and further problems.  We provide patients with one on one exercise instruction so that they learn the proper exercises to strengthen and protect the affected area and, importantly, learn the proper form to use when exercising to avoid further injury.  One of our basic philosophies is core strengthening similar to that taught through Pilates.

Our clinic is conveniently located at 60 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 125, in Bloomfield Hills.  We are just east of Woodward on Big Beaver.  Call us today at 248-309-8900 to schedule your evaluation.  Our single story medical building is easy to get in and out of and provides ample, free parking.