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Pediatric Physical Therapy in Bloomfield Hills 

Children are prone to injuries. And some children are born with health conditions or develop them as they grow. You can meet your child's developmental needs from infancy through adolescence with early intervention.  

Pediatric physical therapy works to correct functional impairments of the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles.  

Physical Therapy for Children

Whatever symptoms your child is experiencing, you need an accurate diagnosis. It's crucial to feeling better. And pediatric specialists take the time to figure it out. 

We specialize in helping your child achieve their full potential through orthopedic PT while making their sessions fun.  

Every visit you see a physical therapist AND the same one. Guaranteed. 

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Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

  • Enhance cognitive and sensory processing 
  • Have excellent balance and coordination 
  • Improve gross and fine motor skills 
  • Proper integration 
  • Cope with injury 
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Rehabilitation Treatment for:

  • Patellofemoral stress syndrome
  • Elbow fracture reconstruction
  • Loss of balance and strength
  • Orthopedic sport injuries
  • Osgood Schlatter disease
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Hip labral tear or repair
  • Growth plate fractures
  • Juvenile rheumatoid
  • Throwers shoulder

Pediatric Therapists 

We understand that kids are different from adults. Their muscles, joints, and bones are brittle, still growing, and require special care.  

Our therapy sessions are fun, and your kids will feel like they are home away from home. 

Caring Treatment You Can Trust

Bring your child in today and watch us get back their perfect smile!Get individual plans to treat any recreational or competitive sports injury.

Start healing in 3-5 sessions. Call now for a personalized consultation– 248-309-8900.  

What Happens in Physical Therapy? 

During a visit, our therapists work to help your child by: 

  • Running motor tests to assess how your child functions compared with kids of the same age 
  • Consulting with other team members like parents, medical personnel, psychology professionals, and school personnel about an individual educational plan 
  • Evaluating your child's flexibility and strength, coordination, and mobility 
  • Analyzing the child’s gait- observing how they walk and run 
  • Therapists give instructions for home exercise programs 
  • Recommending the best time to return to regular sports 

How do I prevent injury? 

The best way to prevent repetitive strain injury is to not play year-round sports. Allow joints and muscles to rest between seasons to avoid overuse.  

This does not mean that your child should remain inactive!  

 They can play a different sport while taking a break from their favorite sport.  

What period does therapy last for my child? 

The child's diagnosis and frequency of the home exercise program will determine the length of therapy your kid needs. 

Every injury is unique. Some kids require a few visits, while others may need therapy for up to six months after undergoing a major joint reconstruction.  

What should my child wear to therapy? 

Kids should wear clothes that are comfortable for therapy. In cases where your kid needs ongoing therapy, our therapists will suggest clothing for the most favorable performance. 

What happens during physical therapy sessions? 

Kids love to play, and their therapy sessions often look like play. We have many colorful specialized tools and exercise equipment.  

These tools have been made to help your child develop and improve functional mobility.  

Physical Medicine & Rehab Services

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Kids musculoskeletal systems are different from adults. Our physical therapy is fun, and your kids will feel like they are home away from home

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